Mark Ryden present “THE GAY NINETIES”

It’s all for simply the sake of “art”, fun, and benefitting a good cause: to help kids in disadvantaged schools with musical education.
The record has been pressed into 180gsm translucent red vinyl and features original covers of the song “Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for Two).”
On sale TODAY.

Edition Quantity: 999
Price: $99.99

Contributing Artists:
Tyler The Creator
Weird Al Yankovic
Truus de Groot
Katy Perry
Stan Ridgway (of Wall of Voodoo)
Pietra Wextstun (of Hecate’s Angels)
Tour Crush (feat. Jimmy Urine & Chantal Claret)
Brian Wakil
Danny Elfman
Mark Mothersbaugh (of Devo)
Ken the Magic Corner God
Sara Lov & Zac Rae
Big Butter
Nick Cave
Kirk Hammett (of Metallica)
Dos Jaguares el Encanto


100 Postcards for Human Rights, Alexi Era Gallery, Saint Louis, MO